Insight Managed Service

Transform people data into business performance every day

We become part of your team for the long-term, quickly providing the expertise and insights you need

Our Insight Managed Service gives you the ability to make better decisions which impact on top and bottom-line performance. And they’ll be better tomorrow, next quarter and next year.

The Managed Service consists of a flexible blend of consultancy, outsourcing, software and training, personalised to your needs.

Strategic workforce planning

Build the optimal workforce to deliver your strategic goals

Effective workforce planning gives you hard evidence, when you need it on how people impact business performance. You gain the capability and tools to:

  • Know which actions to take to improve business performance
  • Optimise the workforce which matters most to business goals
  • Systematically improve control over both cost and value in your business

We help you pilot, launch and embed workforce planning, or partner with you to embed our expertise in your team to help you make better decisions faster.

Capability Development

We build your leaders and delivery team’s ability to direct, deliver and use insights to take new decisions

You can make better decisions today by improving the capability of your people to direct, deliver and act upon evidence. Our targeted programmes build your understanding, technical proficiency and ability to achieve better commercial outcomes. Our approach is:

  • Multi-level – Leaders, Managers and Techies receive tailored content
  • Commercial – Influence key business decision makers in a high impact manner
  • Practical – Hands-on application above theory

Our partnership is more than training. You will know how to measure impact through tracking action, measuring change and embedding actions to continuously improve.