Providing the clarity and control to improve performance

“GarnerHaines helped me to gain greater control of the impact of people on our financial performance”

Simon Latarche, CFO, DigitasLBi

A universal challenge

Recent global research suggests that while control of external factors is being managed increasingly effectively by the finance team, the greatest single challenge facing CFOs today is controlling increasing ‘internal complexity’.

In particular, one of the largest areas of value, risk and expense – the workforce – is often an unpredictable internal factor with inadequate available insight to be able to make informed, precise and profitable decisions.

A unique, bespoke solution

Our services give you clarity and control of your people and business data, helping you drive both top-line and bottom-line performance. Our People Profit Management® approach helps you to:

  • Create business value by applying your analytical approach to the largely untapped people data your business already possesses
  • Remove your uncertainty and ‘gut feel’ from business decisions relating to people
  • Sustainably adjust costs with the confidence you are cutting and growing in the right places with greater precision
  • Improve your confidence in financial reporting with greater insight into FTE and people cost
  • Rapidly resolve people issues impacting on cost

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