Our history

20 years, 50 clients, all sectors

Our team have been at the forefront of workforce analytics for over two decades. For instance, members of our team have:

  • Acted as CEOs, CFOs, COOs and senior executives in FTSE 100 companies and in senior positions across the UK public sector
  • Founded Deloitte’s People & Workforce Analytics team and led workforce planning globally
  • Launched workforce planning tools for one of the worlds largest employers, the UK National Health Service

Our Ambition

Put people at the heart of business performance

Whether the goal is cost saving, managing change or injecting growth, we provide leaders with the clarity, capability and control to manage the crucial relationship between people and business performance. We are practical and results focused, relentlessly seeking to help business leaders see the bigger picture of their decisions through workforce analytics.

Our Impact

Our impact is measured by your change in business performance

Meet The Experts

We are a team of  senior business leaders, management consultants and data experts: a mix of rare skills and raw determination.  We are here to make an impact on business performance.  We make workforce analytics a central driver of C-suite decision making.

Our Founders

Our Experts